Joanna Fong, one of Thrive Hong Kong Ambassadors, has found her talent in drawing when she joined our previous education charity program at the age of 12.  She has not just found her talent but she would also like to use her same talent to contribute to Thrive Hong Kong, our new charity jointly set up with the returning Ambassadors. 


She has designed 8-themed Post cards that Thrive Hong Kong would like to offer to our future Year 1 students (grassroots Primary 5 students) to widen their horizons like what we did for Joanna.  The topics include Design, Journalism, Science, Astronomy, Atheletics, Technology, Hong Kong History & Cultural Heritage & Environmental Protection.  


We also invited different stakeholders with our previous charity programs including but not limited to our ex-alumni, international volunteers, English teachers, Guest teachers to share their personal takeaways from the thematic classess.  

Thrive Hong Kong YEAR ONE 8x Themed Postcards

  • Please donate HKD 100 and redeem 1 pack of our YEAR ONE 8-themed Post Cards and share your love and care to your family and friends in the upcoming holiday season.   

    • By Post: With additonal HKD 10 donation to cover the postal charge per pack.
    • Total donation at or above HKD 500, local courier services to deliver the souvenirs will be offered by Thrive Hong Kong with no extra donation required.

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