“Dreams Thrive” is a book written by the 5 Ambassadors of Thrive Hong Kong to capture their personal transformation stories since they were at the age of 12.  


This is not just a great opportunity for the ambassadors to share their major personal transformation moments but also to share the key people who have helped shape who they are today.   This book consists of 4 chapters:

  • Start with Giving Back
  • Connect with a Bigger World
  • First Taste of My Dream
  • Born to Shine! Born to Thrive!

“Dreams Thrive” book

  • The book is targeted to be published by January 31 2021.   Please donate HKD 100 and redeem 1 piece of “Dreams Thrive” to immerse yourself into our Ambassadors’ transformation journeys and empower more grassroots children and youth like our ambassadors to have similar opportunities to widen their horizons in life

    • By courier service: With additonal HKD 30 donation to cover the courier service charge per piece.
    • Total donation at or above HKD 500, local courier services to deliver the souvenirs will be offered by Thrive Hong Kong with no extra donation required.